Squatting is not a Social Media Strategy

We have resoundingly entered the “social media age” and companies are scrambling to be on Twitter and Facebook because they know it’s something they should be doing. The problem is that brands are often clueless about what that something actually is. As a result, their version of participation in social media materializes in “squatting” – rushing in to claim their stake. This is perfunctory, lazy and simply put, a shame. Brands are actively failing to show an understanding of how to effectively leverage social media. They are being passive, static and boring – everything social media is not.

Here are 8 tips to ensure that your brand isn’t just taking up empty space:

  • Don’t sit idly – engage with your “fans” and “followers”
  • Don’t just spotlight other people’s content – create and promote your own
  • Don’t be shy – make the first move and engage with non-followers
  • Don’t play it safe – produce provocative and buzz-worthy content
  • Don’t do it alone – sites like moviebakery and poptent.net can create and syndicate your content
  • Don’t rush – social media isn’t just about going viral, it’s about creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with both customers and prospects
  • Don’t silo your efforts – “coordinate” your social media strategy by bridging your participation on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Ask users to submit questions on Twitter and answer them with videos on YouTube
  • Don’t be a wuss – social media is about taking risks – so take them!

A good social media strategy is about facilitating lively user conversations and rich brand experiences. These conversations are fueled by creative and unique content, which is subsequently dispersed throughout these networks. This takes time, energy and creativity. Passively existing or “squatting” on social media networks is not a strategy. So, if you have nothing to contribute, get out of the conversation. Otherwise, start participating.